48 hours in . . . Porto, an insider guide to Portugal’s splendid second city

Old world charm – with a burst of new world energy Long regarded as Lisbon’s quieter sibling, Portugal’s second city is currently undergoing a magical moment of rejuvenation. Centuries ago, British merchant ships would cluster in Porto’s medieval harbour to ferry the … Read More

Pret a Porto: Portugal’s second city is ready for the limelight

A decade ago, the city’s historic centre was badly rundown. Now, having been carefully restored, it’s filled with culture, cafes and unusual shops Porto is a good-looking city, its granite buildings packed into a hilly landscape, many of them decorated … Read More

Tiny Portugal offers bounty of delicious, affordable wines

Portugal is a popular travel destination and, as a result, we are seeing an increase in demand for its wines. Don’t fear the difficult-to-pronounce regions and varietal names — just jump in and enjoy the flavours of Portugal. There’s a … Read More


11 Douro Viewpoints

Arriving to Porto, get ready to be surprised! Surprise yourself with the natural beauty that surrounds you, with the built heritage that the Port reveals in every city corner, with the dishes and drinks served. Especially, dare and be surprised … Read More

22 reasons why everyone is going to Portugal right now

With its medieval heart, contemporary buzz, magnificent gold-leaf-laced churches – oh, and a rather nice signature tipple – Portugal’s second city merits a visit at any time. writes Telegraph Travel’s Adrian Bridge. Carved in two by the Douro river, downtown … Read More

Drink in the delights of Porto

There is much more to this city, perched on the banks of the Douro River, than its namesake wine. Wandering the streets of Porto, the sound of ice clinking in a glass of white port and tonic, served with a … Read More

A local’s guide to Porto

On the steep banks of the Douro, Portugal’s northern jewel gleams with culture, buzzing restaurants, bars and artisan shops, plus cool places to visit and stay. There is no doubt: this Unesco heritage city makes for the perfect weekend break. … Read More