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Our Story

A passion project started in late 2016, LAB TOURS ambition is modest in its scale, but big in its commitment to excelence. With the Porto Region booming and the Douro Valley wine scene making headlines all around the world, the opportunity was there to jumpstart something truly different and unique, a Tour company whose foundation is not quantity, but the focus on the singularity of an experience. By that, the compromise was to have the best available transportation, the best wine estate partners and the best possible service, in this case, the people who spread the enchantments, the wonderful details and the small treasures of the Douro. That human knowledge is the backbone of our brand and is what makes this endeavour worth it. Every tour is for you!


We feel passionate for what we do, so you can expect the most knowledgeable people providing you with an exciting opportunity to visit the Douro Valley.

Francisco Sobral

An entrepreneur in several businesses - many wine related - across the Porto region, Francisco shares a huge passion for the Douro Valley and a deep understanding of its enduring culture and history.

Pedro Silva

Pedro studied Tourism in Porto and kickstarted his career working as a private tour guide, travelling all over the North of Portugal. He is also a charismatic storyteller and a fond wine enthusiast.

Duarte Oliveira

Duarte has a background in marketing and sales, and lived abroad for a few years. He is responsible for all the things that happen in the background and will be able to design beautiful itineraries for you.

Inês Salgueiro

Inês has long been on the hospitality business, with a different set of skills and relevant international experience. She is the backbone of our logistics and reservations and always within reach to help out.
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